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I have 4 loans with various payday loan companies which I have been rolling over month after month. Please, if anyone is reading this, don't do it, no matter how bad it is. I will clear one with JustCashNow this month. They have actually been really good, freezing interest charges for 3 months whilst I have paid it off but that does not mean I am condoning it !

My outstanding loans after paying off JustCashNow are as follows:

Capital - £100
Interest - £29.98

Capital - £300
Interest - £60

1 Month Loan (Oasis)
Capital - £75
Interest - £22

Capital - £50
Interest - £12.50

I have, yesterday sent the following letter together with a repayment plan which will clear the balance to all providers by December, if they agree to not add any further interest. I can afford £180 per month to do so, dividing it up between them and 3 out of the 4 will have the balances cleared by November.

I had a telephone conversation last night with "Cynthia" in QuickQuid Collections. She was the rudest, foulest, most sarcastic and nasty person I had ever spoken to in my life. She was a loud and brash American, (no disrespect to American's - just highlighting the fact that she was not based in the UK.)

Firstly, she advised me the call was being recorded. Now if this was the case, and I was managing this woman, I would fire her for complete and utter unprofessionalism and rudeness.

She just talked at me, the whole way though. Interuppting, being nasty. I quoted some of the UK law at her - CCA 1976/2006 etc. She asked me if I was an "attorny." I said I had the luxury of working for a law firm yes and she told me to go and ask my employer for help !!! I asked her for a copy of QQ's official complaints procedure and she didn't know what that was !! She said she would pass it onto a manager !!

She then demanded I pay the £72 extension fee now and then £375 at the end of the month and just kept saying this over and over and said she was marking my file as a "refusal to pay." She also said I had purposely set out to defraud the company and "did I think they just set up business in the UK without knowledge of the law there?" I said yes and believed that they were under investigation by the OFT for not carrying out appropriate checks on me, my financial situation or my ablity to repay the loan they were offering, which I believe is a requirement of the Consumer Credit Act, which she kept telling me I was legally bound by !!!

I came off the phone really frustrated. I wished nasty thoughts about "Cynthia" too !! I cannot believe I was spoken to like that !!

They won't deal with me in writing. I have sent them a repayment proposal. They say it is not acceptable. Every email I send I keep getting told I "must phone collections to set up an acceptable payment arrangement." and that "collections activities will continue."

I have lied and said I will pay up on the 12th September just to stop them calling me !! They are phoning about 12 times a day.

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