PPI Claims

Whether you’re a TV watcher or a radio listener, you’ll have noticed that the media has been awash in recent times with a commotion concerning mis sold insurance. PPI, or Payment Protection Insurance, purports to indemnify the recipients of finance in case they are unable to meet their repayment obligations. Typically, the insurance is intended to cover consumers who are made redundant, who are suddenly unable to work due to long-term sickness, or who suffer an accident and become disabled.

It’s easy to see why this backup could be a good idea for many borrowers – the extra peace of mind provided would be valuable. However, millions of people are currently making PPI reclaims, as their policy had been mis sold to them.

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  1. I never heard of PPI claims before but after a bit of research on your site I managed to contact a broker who have told me I will be getting a nice cash rebate. They were fantastic and now dealing with my claim.